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Photo Library

We have made the following photographs available for the media and general public. Though they are license-free, we simply ask for a photo credit for "Seawatch.org". If you have any questions or would like more information, please send an email to mmcgett@aol.com.

Note: File sizes are quite large so as to facilitate high-resolution reproduction for newspapers and magazines.

Marine Life
Click to enlarge | SeaWatch
Click to enlarge | SeaWatch
Click to enlarge | SeaWatch
Click to enlarge | SeaWatch
Tiger Shark at Revillagigedo Islands (900KB) Yellowfin Tuna at Revillagigedo Islands (904KB) Whale Shark at Revillagigedo Islands (900KB) A mobia manta caught in a net (300KB)

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A hammerhead caught in a net (300KB) Manta Wing (733KB) Schooling hammerhead sharks - now a rarity (357KB) Drying shark fins (800KB)

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Manta filleted for nearly worthless meat (1.02MB)

Hammerhead (431KB) Whale Shark with a diver (459KB) Whale shark with divers (376KB)

Schoolling Hammerheads (381KB) Two hammerheads caught in a net (223KB) Sea Lion caught in a net (509KB) Whale shark (629KB)

Commercial Fishing

Tiger Shark at Revillagigedo Islands (900KB) Industrial Fishing Boat (830KB) Industrial Fishing Boat (1.33MB) Illegally caught fish for sale in the La Paz Market (856K)


Barbara Gomez Morin, SeaWatch Advisor (800K) Armando Figaredo, Televisa Reporter (900K) Guillermo Alvarez, Billfish Fund (790K) Kozy Boren , SeaWatch Supporter (900K)

Dr. Russ Nelson, SeaWatch Advisor (900 KB) SeaWatch Founder Mike McGettigan (51KB) Howard & Michelle Hall (1 MB)



Artificial Reef Sinking Sequence (1.08MB) Chart Showing 50 Mile Limits (208KB)  

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